Online Dating

... In one evening you could get
more dates than five evenings
of going out on the town!



Online dating is a massive opportunity for those looking to meet others, and most don't even know it.

In New Jersey alone, there are tens of thousands of women who have pictures and profiles posted online right now.  They range from attorneys to hairdressers to doctors to accountants.

You don't believe it?  Go to or one of the other sites, and do a search.  You will not believe how many girls have signed up for online dating.

There are girls in all shapes and sizes and all categories.  No matter what kind of women you are attracted to, there are plenty with pictures and profiles just several clicks away with online dating.

Right now these thousands of women are just looking for a good guy, and you're still saying "There's no way I'm getting into online dating!"  Why?

The Cost of Online Dating

Most online dating services charge around twenty or thirty dollars per month.  How much do you spend it one night at a bar or club?  First the cover charge, then drinks, then maybe buying a drink for someone, etc.

You could sign up for three different online dating services, and it would still be less expensive than the traditional way.

The Stigma of Online Dating

Get over it. 

You'd be surprised at how many other guys are already making a killing in the online dating arena.  Plus, you don't have to post your name or picture.

Online Dating Privacy

No names, addresses, pictures or personal information are visible to online dating service members if you so desire.  You can post exactly what you feel comfortable with and keep the rest private. 

In fact, the online dating services have become so advanced, that you don't even have to post your picture or profile.  Instead, you can just email (through their private email service) persons that interest you. 

It is strongly suggested in the online dating world, though, that you at least email them a picture of you or you probably won't get too many responses.

The Effort

Okay, which requires more effort?  Showering, picking out clothes, calling friends, making a plan, meeting up, driving to the first place, second place, etc. 

Or, put on a pair of pajamas, grab a beer and plop in front of your computer. 

As indicated above, if you don't believe us, go to any of the main online dating websites and search the profiles. 

I only wish that online dating existed when I was in my early 20's. 

Oh, and you can thank us later.  Good luck.
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